MQ136 hydrogen sulfide sensor

The gas sensing material used in the MQ136 hydrogen sulfide gas sensor is tin dioxide (SnO2), which has a low conductivity in clean air. When there is hydrogen sulfide gas in the environment where the sensor is located, the conductivity of the sensor increases with the increase of the hydrogen sulfide gas concentration in the air. The change in conductivity can be converted into an output signal corresponding to the gas concentration using a simple circuit.


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Sensor Features
The MQ136 hydrogen sulfide gas sensor has high sensitivity to hydrogen sulfide and is ideal for monitoring other sulfur-containing organic vapors, but has low sensitivity to common combustible gases, making it a low-cost sensor suitable for a variety of applications.


main application
Widely used in household hydrogen sulfide concentration alarms, industrial hydrogen sulfide leakage alarms and portable hydrogen sulfide detectors


Technical indicators

Product number

MQ136 hydrogen sulfide sensor

product type

Semiconductor gas sensor

standard package

bakelite, metal cover

detect gas

hydrogen sulfide

Detection concentration

1-200ppm (hydrogen sulfide)

Standard Circuit Conditions

loop voltage


≤24V  DC

heating voltage


5.0V±0.1V ACorDC

Load Resistance



Gas sensor characteristics under standard test conditions

heating resistance


29Ω±3Ω(room temperature)

Heating power consumption



The output voltage


≥0.5V(in 50ppm H2S)



Rs(in air)/Rs(50ppm H2S)≥3

Concentration slope



Standard Test Conditions

temperature humidity


Standard Test Circuit


  VH: 5.0V±0.1V

Preheat time

Not less than 48 hours

oxygen content

21% (not less than 18%, the oxygen concentration will affect the initial value, sensitivity and repeatability of the sensor, please consult when using it under low oxygen concentration)


5 years

Note: The output voltage (Vs) refers to the VRL in the test atmosphere

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patent certificate

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