Performance against the sky! Hanwei's first model based on cat 1. The intelligent gas alarm of the network is coming

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With the continuous maturity of the new generation of information technology, intelligent and scientific home life services are needed by more and more families.


Hanwei first:

Weiguo technology, a subsidiary of Hanwei technology group, takes the four business segments of Internet of things fire safety, gas safety, home environmental health and intelligent management as the business output platform, relies on the product supply and service system of Hanwei technology group, constructs the application of gas safety and health scene, and continuously introduces smarter and safer smart home products and services, Meet people's needs for a better life, and build a full scene safe post station for more family users.



By the end of 2020, Hanwei's first model based on cat 1 the intelligent gas alarm jt-kbr2-cat1 of the network has been successfully launched in the R & D of Viggo technology, which marks another solid step forward in the mission of Viggo technology to create a safe, fast, healthy and intelligent working and living environment for people.



Viagra technology cat 1 gas alarm is an intelligent monitoring equipment for natural gas and liquefied gas, which has the characteristics of high sensitivity, high stability and small volume.



In case of leakage, when the monitored gas concentration reaches the dangerous value, the alarm will send out an alarm sound and red warning signal, and remotely notify the user through the network (using SMS or platform), so that the user can deal with it in time and protect the user's family safety at all times.


  • Audible and visual alarm
    Automatic valve cutting
    Reduced power consumption
    Information push
    Remote alarm
    Self starting exhaust fan
    Seamless access to existing LTE networks
    Application configuration is simple and easy to operate


Platform functions:

01. Equipment management

Support equipment status viewing, alarm list query, rapid equipment positioning, etc;



02. Data visualization
Provide PC platform and mobile terminal, provide data analysis report and open API interface;



03. Fault management
The emergency contact person can be notified at the first time of alarm or failure by means of telephone, SMS, etc., so as to ensure property and personal safety.



Usage scenario:



As an industry with wide application scale of Internet of things technology, intelligent gas alarm uses cat 1. The network will greatly improve the user experience and enrich the user use scenarios. Equipped with cat The real-time alarm rate of the intelligent gas alarm of module 1 is improved, and the network stability is significantly improved, which is of milestone significance in the development of gas safety monitoring!