Beginning of autumn | check the good household items worth starting in autumn, and there will always be one for you

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Technology changes life. Smart home has gradually integrated into our life and become a trend. The most important performance is to protect the safety and health of home and improve the quality of life at the same time. Many things look or sound like chicken ribs, but they will be really great after use. After all, everyone here can't escape the "true fragrance law". Today, let's take stock of the good household goods worth starting in autumn. They are all practical, and there is always one for you!


smoke detector

With the advent of autumn, the weather becomes dry gradually, and the phenomenon of electricity, gas and fire use increases significantly. If the operation is careless or improper, it is very easy to cause fire accidents.
Hanwei independent photoelectric smoke fire detection alarm adopts photoelectric sensor with special structure design, and uses the infrared light intensity scattered in the smoke to judge whether there is smoke. When the smoke reaches a certain concentration, that is, the light intensity received by the light receiving element reaches a predetermined threshold, the detector will send an audible and visual alarm signal, the fire alarm indicator (red) flashes, and start the buzzer alarm. The alarm has wireless communication function, which allows users to check the working state of the equipment, and can timely send the alarm information to the cloud to inform users in case of fire. It is an "artifact" to help people find the fire in advance and escape the fire scene smoothly.


The product can effectively detect the visible smoke generated by the smoldering of the fire at the initial stage, and timely eliminate the dangerous situation or evacuate the personnel. It is suitable for all kinds of small and micro places such as homes, schools, shops, factories, hotels and so on. In autumn, the sky is dry and things are dry. Be alert to fire!


Domestic combustible gas detector

Gas and liquefied petroleum gas are the main types of energy used by many families. At present, it is the season of high temperature and disastrous weather, and all kinds of gas explosion accidents have also entered the season of high incidence. High temperature has created "favorable" conditions for gas explosion accidents.



The household combustible gas detector jt-kbr2 of Weiguo technology, a subsidiary of Hanwei technology group, is an intelligent monitoring device for natural gas and liquefied gas. It can detect both natural gas and liquefied gas. It has the characteristics of high sensitivity, high stability, small volume and high cost performance. In case of leakage, when the monitored gas concentration reaches the dangerous value, the alarm will send out an alarm sound and red warning signal, and remotely notify the user through the network (using SMS or platform), so that the user can deal with it in time and protect the user's family safety at all times.



Gas leakage is not a trivial matter. Prevention is greater than remedy. Only early detection and early treatment can minimize the loss and prevent the accident from "unburned" by means of science and technology.


Air station

After the beginning of autumn, many people think that when autumn comes, the weather will no longer be hot. In fact, it is not. There are "autumn tigers" after the beginning of autumn. Autumn days are dry and dry. Why is there less air conditioning "life extension"? If the doors and windows are closed tightly and the air conditioner is turned on for a long time, the carbon dioxide and other gases produced by daily life and breathing will not be discharged indoors. In this way, the air quality in the whole room will be reduced. If this situation continues for a long time, the content of human waste gas in the air will increase, which is easy to induce headache, fatigue and other discomfort. So, how to use data to guide a healthy life?

The air station A2 launched by Weiguo technology relies on the core sensor leading technology of Hanwei technology group, with small body but powerful function.
As a professional air quality detector, air station A2 can quickly and comprehensively detect a variety of air pollutants in real time, PM2 5. CO2, formaldehyde, PM10, temperature and humidity are detected at the same time to sensitively capture every trace of air around. It allows you to view the air quality data of the current environment at any time through the screen and app. The original analytical algorithm makes the data more accurate and provides professional data reference for your healthy home, travel and fitness.


Intelligent Anti Snoring pillow

Summer goes and autumn comes, and the body enters a periodic rest stage. During the day, we often have an unspeakable sense of fatigue, that is, autumn fatigue. Don't underestimate the drowsiness during the day. At this time, you are consuming sleep energy at night, so sleep at night is particularly important. However, according to statistics, about 200 million people in China are troubled by sleeping and snoring. Snoring will not only affect others' rest, but also cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Weiguo technology intelligent sleep Anti Snoring pillow adopts ergonomic design and has ultra-thin inflatable bag inside, which eliminates the constraints or discomfort caused by traditional equipment and creates a good non sensory use experience. When the user snores, the sound sensor collects and analyzes the sound through the built-in algorithm. After determining the snoring sound and detecting the decibel number, the pressure sensor will identify the user's head position and transmit the data to the pillow equipment. The pillow equipment will automatically inflate the corresponding airbag according to the data to push the snorer's head position to move, so as to adjust the respiratory tract angle, Until the snoring is reduced or eliminated.


The Anti Snoring pillow combined with mobile app can continuously and effectively record sleep data, and feed back the most accurate sleep quality data to the app platform through smart host, intelligent analysis and scientific calculation, so that users can know their sleep status like the back of their hand.