"Intelligent fire fighting + grid management", fire prevention and control from passive to active

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At about 4 pm on September 3, a fire broke out in the workshop of Jiashan Shuangjie sponge Co., Ltd. in Huimin street, Jiashan County, Zhejiang Province. At present, the on-site search and rescue has been completed, six missing persons have been confirmed dead, the person in charge of the enterprise

involved has been controlled by the police, and the aftermath work has been carried out simultaneously.

People familiar with the matter said that fires often occur in this area. It is understood that the burning materials at the scene of the fire are waste cardboard and sponge, and the cause of the accident is still under further investigation.

In the early morning of September 5, a fire accident occurred in Xiaoyi longzang Logistics Co., Ltd., located in Zhenxing sub district office of Xiaoyi city. Fortunately, the accident did not cause casualties.

Small class of warehouse fire safety knowledge

Fire protection in storage places has always been a hot topic. Due to the large building area and large amount of goods stored in the storage place, in case of fire, the loss and impact will be huge. How to do a good job in warehouse fire control and reduce fire hazards? Let's look at the pictures and learn together~




01. System introduction

Relying on the sensor advantages of Hanwei technology group and taking the Internet of things technology as the core, Hanwei intelligent fire management platform collects the data of fire-fighting facilities by installing intelligent smoke detector, gas monitoring, fire water pressure monitoring, circuit monitoring, multi-point video linkage and other equipment, so as to realize the functions of fire alarm, dynamic monitoring, data research and analysis, etc. For the management of fire-fighting facilities within the scope, the intelligent fire display terminal can clearly see the distribution, daily inspection and maintenance management of fire-fighting facilities, three-dimensional display the state of fire safety, and comprehensively improve the level of fire safety management and fire supervision efficiency.



In case of fire, the owner and relevant management departments will receive the alarm information at the first time, provide the owner and relevant management departments with an intelligent online alarm platform that can dynamically control the fire safety status of the place, realize the early detection, early alarm and early extinguishing of enterprise fire accidents, and comprehensively solve the difficulties of enterprise fire supervision.



The platform is mainly used in government departments, industrial parks, large supermarkets, comprehensive markets, hospitals, schools, ancient buildings, small and micro enterprises and other places.


02 architecture and function introduction


24-hour automatic duty:
No matter when a fire occurs and what the on-site environment is, it can call the police in time and push the fire information to relevant personnel. It is also a "safety supervisor" who adheres to his post.

Equipment online monitoring:
The platform can query and display the installation location and status of gateway and detector.

Device map positioning:
Display the distribution of equipment through three-dimensional model or two-dimensional diagram.

Fire alarm classification push:
It can realize fire alarm reporting and processing, analyze the early warning situation and push it by level.

Fire investigation and analysis:
The platform can record the detailed data such as alarm information, location and time, so as to provide a rigorous scientific basis for the later transformation of fire safety environment.

App smart Internet:
The user's fire alarm app can display the fire alarm status of the user's site in real time. When the detector detects a fire alarm, it will immediately push the real-time alarm information to the client to remind the user. At the same time, users can understand the equipment operation through app, remote reset and silencing, share information, share fire alarm and fault information to multiple people, and realize multi-party monitoring.

03. System advantages

Fast response
Smoke alarm detection, power failure detection, fast push, timely alarm and confirmation.

Wide integration of IOT
The system integrates wireless Internet of things technology and mobile Internet technology, and has the advantages of advanced technology, real-time early warning, stability and reliability.

Multi protocol docking
Provide data API interfaces (maintenance interface, alarm receiving and handling interface, intelligent fire fighting interface, 119 alarm center interface and comprehensive management platform interface).

Software customizable
The overall realization of the functional requirements based on Web application can be customized and developed according to the requirements.


04. Enterprise advantages

Compared with traditional fire fighting, intelligent fire fighting makes use of advanced sensor technology, Internet of things, big data and artificial intelligence to make fire fighting automatic, intelligent, systematic and refined.

Hidden dangers are more dangerous than open fire, prevention is better than disaster relief, and the responsibility is heavier than Mount Tai. With the continuous progress of science and technology, more and more high technologies are applied to the fire protection industry. The "intelligent fire protection platform" is used to promote safe production and eliminate fire in the "embryonic" state.