2021 world sensor conference ends successfully! The next journey, wonderful and continued!

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Today, the three-day Zhengzhou sensor conference ended perfectly in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. As the most professional event for sensors, nearly 200 high-quality enterprises participated in the exhibition and competed on the same stage, and the first-class enterprises at home and abroad gathered together!
In three days, Hanwei technology group met old friends and made new friends, and gained a lot in this grand event. Not only in terms of products, but also in terms of brand influence, Hanwei technology group stood out with its wonderful performance during the exhibition and became the focus of attention. Looking back at the 2021 world sensor conference, these highlights are worth "second brushing"!


Merchants gather to witness brand strength

As the leader of Internet of things solutions with sensors as the core, Hanwei Technology Group has been the focus of the exhibition hall from the beginning to the end of this "at home" event. With high popularity, Hanwei booth 1003 continues to harvest topic traffic.



Fei Dongbin, vice governor of Henan Province, Hou Hong, mayor of Zhengzhou, and other leaders visited the booth of Hanwei technology group and had in-depth exchanges with Ren Hongjun, chairman of Hanwei technology group.


Taking the conference platform as the bridge, Hanwei technology group demonstrated Hanwei's strength by virtue of its good industry reputation and strong product lineup, which was unanimously recognized by the guests.


New products appear, attracting eyes and getting numerous favors

The core part of an exhibition is the product. Gas sensor, MEMS sensor, PM2 5 sensors, flexible sensors and other 17 series sensors and modules; The core PAAS platform of end-to-application one-stop solution built in ten years; The practical application of smart gas, smart environmental protection and other perception platforms on the "urban lifeline" fully meets the diversified needs of customers for exhibition.



As a leading enterprise in the subdivided field of domestic sensor and Internet of things industry, it has attracted many new and old customers in this exhibition. They pay attention to the latest trends and future development direction of Hanwei Technology Group's products to varying degrees. Among them, the new product release link of Hanwei Technology Group is the highlight of this event.


The new product photoionized VOC gas sensor and detector are unveiled


In the warm and professional explanation service of Hanwei team, many exhibition guests expressed their intention of cooperation and conducted in-depth exchanges and negotiations.


Come back with a good reputation and show your true strength

At this grand event, Hanwei won continuous honors. At the opening ceremony of the world sensor conference, Hanwei Technology Group Co., Ltd. was awarded the president unit of Henan intelligent sensor industry chain alliance.



This honor is not only a full affirmation of the industry's contribution to Hanwei technology group, but also a wide recognition of the strength and influence of Hanwei technology group. For a long time, Hanwei adheres to technology driven development and adheres to the enterprise philosophy of "endowing all things with spirit and constantly emerging new values in production and life", which has been unanimously recognized by customers.



In addition, in this innovation competition, Hanwei dual optical path smoke detection sensor won the second prize. The multi-sensor information fusion technology brought by Weisheng technology, a professional sensor manufacturer of Hanwei technology group, participated in the exhibition and exchange of innovation application group in order to meet customers' monitoring of multi-type gas indicators in specific environment, It has been widely concerned by experts and scholars.


Summit Forum, with the help of industry celebrities

Professional and wonderful forum exchanges have left many wonderful marks on Hanwei.


Ren Hongjun, chairman of Hanwei technology group, carried out in-depth exchanges and discussions with guests around the theme of "application and development of Internet of things technology in social security". Some new views and ideas on "urban lifeline" in the report triggered heated discussions among the participants, and some speeches related to public safety also aroused strong resonance.



Liu Jiangang, vice president of Hanwei Technology Group Research Institute, delivered a keynote speech on the development and application of sensor array and intelligent sensor at the Symposium on MEMS and intelligent sensor technology. From different perspectives and fields, we have in-depth exchanges with well-known academicians and experts on the demand analysis of future sensor development, problems and solutions of sensors.



Everything is interconnected. Sensors are the source of data acquisition, and the importance of sensors is self-evident. Guo Haizhou, general manager of infrared sensing division of Hanwei technology group, delivered a speech on the theme of infrared optoelectronic sensors for safety perception at the seminar on intelligent society and sensor technology. Through dialogue with industry leaders, we can "see" the future from their perspective and jointly explore the transformation opportunities of industry value.


Rich content, detonating the boom of live broadcasting

Just offline display is not enough to be a perfect conference. Guided by the needs of customers, we built an exhibition service mode combining "Online + offline", broke the boundary of time and geographical attributes, planned a number of live broadcasting routes, improved the audience's participation experience by means of "super scene experience" without dead corners, and let the online audience "travel around" Hanwei booth in person.



Team style, the present can be the future

Of course, a grand event can not be successfully held without the support of people from all walks of life to Hanwei technology group and the hard work of the team.


This event,
We got together happily, talked happily and gained a lot.
Thank all new and old friends for their support to Hanwei!
A long way to go, accompanied by sparks;
We will uphold our original intention, forge ahead,
Aiming to stand at the front of the gas sensor,
Promote the development of national gas sensing industry,
Look forward to seeing you next time!
what? I hear you haven't seen enough? No problem! In December, Hanwei Technology Group will appear in two different exhibitions to bring more highlights to Hanwei's new and old friends ~ welcome to watch!