Hanwei has gone through 23 years of trials and hardships, perceiving the core sound and connecting things with the world!

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23 years is very short,
Can be fleeting inadvertently;
23 years is also a long time,
Enough for us to witness the growth of an enterprise.
From 1998 to 2021, 23 years of struggle,
Hanwei Technology Group has grown from an ignorant child,
Grow into a pillar;
From a small private enterprise,
Develop into a domestic sensor leader.
Every step of Hanwei Technology Group's growth,
It is inseparable from the efforts of Hanwei people.
On the occasion of the 23rd anniversary of Hanwei technology group,
The simple and grand anniversary celebration officially kicked off!


Play and sing the National Anthem

With the solemn national anthem of the people's Republic of China, the 23rd anniversary celebration of Hanwei Technology Group officially began. Chairman Ren Hongjun, chairman Zhang Yanli of the board of supervisors, vice presidents Shang Zhongfeng, Yang Changzai and Yang Qiang of the group company, Secretary of the board of directors Xiao Feng and other leaders sang the National Anthem together with all Hanwei people.



Speech by employee representatives who have made great contributions in the past ten years

Wu Chuanwei, the representative of employees who have made meritorious contributions for ten years, took the stage to speak. When I came to Hanwei ten years ago, I was still a young man. Now I have become a researcher who has worked in the field of sensors for many years and can contribute to the group company. "I have dedicated my youth and you have made my life". In the past ten years, I have witnessed the growth of Hanwei with the growth of Hanwei, and Hanwei will be better and better in the future.



Issue gold key

Giving golden keys to meritorious employees is the highlight of Hanwei technology group every year. This year, Hanwei has been a meritorious employee for ten years, and has made 40 gold keys, which were personally awarded to 40 meritorious employees by Chairman Ren Hongjun and other leaders. These golden keys with special meanings, first of all, thank them for their contributions to Hanwei, hope that they will go to a higher level in their future work, and hope that this key will become the golden key for them to open a happy life in the future.



Chairman's speech

The goal we pursue is not only the stars and the sea, but also the happiness in our hands. At this great historical moment of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party, we have caught up with the opportunities given to us by the times and driven into the fast lane of development. "Centennial Hanwei" is not a dream! At the same time, Hanwei platform is also committed to symbiosis and common prosperity with employees. In these new changes and "fast track", every Hanwei person can create greater value in change and realize life value in value creation.



Casting the same Hanwei to celebrate the 23rd anniversary of Hanwei

In the sound of happy and peaceful music, Hanwei Technology Group's rising and promising birthday cake pushed the celebration ceremony to a climax. Under the leadership of the chairman, cut the delicious cake and share it with every Hanwei person.



23 years of trials and hardships, 23 years of song.
It has been a long journey. From its establishment to listing, Hanwei has won many top positions in the industry for many years. Hanwei has gone through a struggle paved with hard work and sweat, which is the result of the joint efforts of all Hanwei people. In the future, with the concerted efforts and innovative development of all Hanwei people, Hanwei Technology Group will write a new chapter and usher in a more brilliant future.