Shenzhen Hanwei IOT Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the company), founded in April 2021, is an Internet of things enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and sensor application solution services. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hanwei Technology Group (stock code 300007), Shenzhen Hanwei is one of the important platforms for the group to lay out the National Talent Gathering highland and industrial highland. It is positioned as the group's pre-sales and after-sales technical service center for customers in South China, and the application scheme research and Development Center and testing center with sensors as the core, The group's administrative business platform and supply chain network in Shenzhen are important bases.

Hanwei Technology Group (hereinafter referred to as the group) is a trusted innovative technology company, a well-known domestic manufacturer of gas sensors and instruments, and one of the first listed companies on the gem. It is committed to creating a safe, environmental friendly, healthy and intelligent working and living environment. Focusing on the Internet of things industry, the group closely combines the Internet of things technologies such as sensing sensors, intelligent terminals, communication technology, cloud computing and geographic information, creates Hanwei cloud, establishes a complete Internet of things industry chain, combines environmental protection governance and energy-saving technology, and takes customer value as the orientation to provide perfect solutions for smart city, safe production, environmental protection and people's health.

The company and Zhengzhou Weisheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Weisheng Technology) are both wholly-owned subsidiaries of the group and important outlets of the group in the field of sensors. The two have in-depth exchanges and integration in technology research and development and talent exchange. Weisheng technology provides strong support for the company in research, production and marketing. Since its establishment, Weisheng technology has kept up with the pace of the times. Its products have developed from a single variety in the past to include infrared gas sensor, electrochemical gas sensor, planar semiconductor gas sensor, carrier catalytic element, semiconductor gas sensor and PM2 5 sensor, flow sensor, pyroelectric sensor, thermopile sensor, flame sensor, heat conduction gas sensor, solid electrolyte gas sensor, hot wire gas sensor, pressure sensor, water quality sensor, humidity sensor, MEMS sensor and other 17 series, more than 200 varieties, which can be used to detect more than 300 kinds of gases. With international advanced production technology and equipment, the spirit of pioneering and innovative pursuit and the continuous efforts of Weisheng team, 160000 gas sensors are produced in an average of 24 hours, and serve the fields of safety, environmental protection and health all over the world.

Relying on the R & D advantages of the group and the scientific and technological strength of the technology center, our company will inherit the glory and dream, always aim to stand at the forefront of gas sensors, commit to promoting the development of national gas sensing industry in the spirit of exploration and innovation, and continue to build a world brand enterprise and move forward in the sensor industry.