ZM03 Alcohol Sensor Module

The digital alcohol module is a low-power, miniaturized module. The module uses a combination of semiconductor gas sensors and high-performance microprocessors to detect gas concentrations in the environment. The module has high sensitivity, small size and precision, and adopts the I2C digital signal output method, which is convenient for users to use and debug, and greatly shortens the user's design and development cycle. The module can be widely used in environmental safety, portable instruments and many other fields.


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Sensor Features
MEMS process, stable and reliable, ultra-low power consumption, high sensitivity, anti-electromagnetic interference


main application
Portable instruments, industrial and mining safety, medical and health, on-site control, meteorological monitoring


Technical indicators

Operating Voltage


Working current


maximum heating power




output method

I2C slave mode

default address


I2C rate


Pull-up resistor

External pull-up resistor required

Preheat time


Response time


Note: Product parameters are subject to change without prior notice

production workshop


patent certificate

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