MEMS alcohol gas sensor GM-302B

The MEMS alcohol gas sensor uses the MEMS process to make a micro-hot plate on a Si-based substrate, and the gas-sensing material used is a metal oxide semiconductor material with low conductivity in clean air. When the sensor is in a gas environment, the conductivity of the sensor changes with the concentration of the detected gas in the air. The higher the concentration of this gas, the higher the conductivity of the sensor. The change in conductivity can be converted into an output signal corresponding to the gas concentration using a simple circuit.


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Sensor Features
This product adopts MEMS technology, with solid structure and good shock resistance; it has the characteristics of small size, low power consumption, high sensitivity, fast response and recovery, simple driving circuit, good stability and long life.


main application
It is suitable for ethanol vapor in places where consumer sub-products such as mobile phones and computers are applied and tested; it is also suitable for drinking supervision of motor vehicle drivers and other risky workers.


Technical indicators

Product number


product type

MEMS alcohol gas sensor

standard package

Ceramic package

detect gas

Ethanol vapor

Detection concentration


Standard Circuit Conditions

loop voltage


≤24V  DC

heating voltage


2.5V±0.1V AC or DC

Load Resistance



Gas sensor characteristics under standard test conditions

heating resistance


80Ω±20Ω(room temperature)

Heating power consumption



Sensitive body resistance


1KΩ~30KΩ(in 50ppm Ethanol)



 Rs(in air)/Rs(in 50ppm Ethanol)≥3.0

Concentration slope


≤0.9(R200ppm/R50ppm Ethanol)

Standard Test Conditions

temperature humidity


Standard Test Circuit

VH:2.5V±0.1V;     Vc:5.0V±0.1V

Preheat time

Not less than 48 hours


Note: Product parameters are subject to change without notice

production workshop


patent certificate

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