ME2-C2H5OH Alcohol Sensor

ME2-C2H5OH-Ф16 sensor is a galvanic electrochemical sensor. The corresponding redox reaction of C2H5OH and O2 occurs on the working electrode and the counter electrode, and the charge is released to form a current. The generated current is proportional to the concentration of C2H5OH and follows Faraday's law. The concentration of C2H5OH can be determined by testing the magnitude of the current.


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Sensor Features
Low power consumption, high precision, high sensitivity, wide linear range, strong anti-interference ability, excellent repeatability and stability.


main application
It is widely suitable for the detection of alcohol in traffic safety, high-altitude operation and environmental protection.


Technical indicators



detect gas

Alcohol (C2H5OH)



Maximum measurement limit

2.0 mg/L


(6±2 )uA/(mg/L)

Response time (T90)


Load resistance (recommended)




Stability (/month)


output linearity


Zero drift (-20℃-40℃)

-0.01 mV~0.01mV

Storage temperature (℃)


temperature range


Humidity range

15﹪-90﹪RH no condensation

pressure range

Standard atmospheric pressure ±10%

Detection life

2 years (in air)

Note: Product parameters are subject to change without prior notice

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patent certificate

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