Mini CO Detector

This cutting-edge gadget employs our proud solid-state fuel cell sensors,forged through years of hardcore research and development in industrial technology. lt harnesses the latest toxic gas data model for precise and swift detection of harmful CO gases.With the convenience of mobile phone power,a sleek app display, marathon battery life, and a stylish appearance - all packed into a neat, lightweight, and pocket-friendly design - it's the perfect companion for staying ahead in safety.


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User Instruction
1. Install the APP according to the prompts
2. Connect the detector to the smart handheld terminal(e.g. Cell Phone)
3. APP automatic recognition and display
Note: Please refer to the product manual for specific usage


Product Characteristics
*Small and Handy
*Plug and Play
*Tracking in Real-time
*Audio + Visual Alarms


Product Specifications

Target Parameters


CO Measurement Range


Working Temperature





38mm x 29mm x 13mm



Note: Product parameters are subject to change without prior notice

production workshop


patent certificate

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