Skin Hydration Detector

Discover the secrets of your skin with our advanced skin dydration detector! lt's your personalized skin health care-taker providing deep insights into your skin's hydration levels.


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Reason to Choose Our Product

We boast a seasoned squad of pro doctors with decades of expertise in crafting high-precision detection instruments.We've poured our passion into creating a gadget that's pure genius-exceptionally accurate in sensing your skin's hydration and oil levels. lt's a swift collector, presenting its findings in vibrant hues, and,most importantly, it comes with that extra touch of consideration.
Empower your personal skin health journey by selecting skincare products and beauty routines that align with your unique vibe. Perfect for providing tailored recommendations at the skincare store and mastering skin analysis at the beauty salon.

Product Characteristics

*Multiple Core Patents
*Small and Handy
*High Accuracy
*Smart Interaction
*Ergonomic Handle

Technical indicators

Target Parameter Skin Hydration
Range 0~80%
Size 45mm x 42mm x 163mm
Battery Capacity  400 mAh
Operating Temperature RangeDesign 0-30°C

Note: Product parameters are subject to change without prior notice

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